• Vendor registration process

Vendor registration process

The following are the processes involved:

1. Registration: A prospective vendor initiates interest online by filling the vendor form:
a. Email address
b. Password
c. First name
d. Last name
e. Store name
f. Store description (Nature of business)
g. Address
h. Phone number
i. Select a country
j. State
k. City
l. Post code
m. RC number
n. Tin number
o. Attach CAC certificate

2. Customer service opens up vendor form 2 [Customer service function]
3. Category manager, sends the dashboard link to vendors including password and ID
4. Vendor uploads products
5. Category manager/ Graphics designers edits, verifies literature and description of products and approve
6. Vendor monitors product sale and activate through dashboard
7. Advert recommendation based on market terms